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El Calafate

Many destinations become popular because of a single attraction, and in the case of El Calafate, the lure is ice. Not just any old frozen water, but immense glaciers moving inexorably downhill, and eventually tumbling into the clear, cold waters of Lago Argentino.El Calafate is the jumping off point for visiting the pristine, spectacular Parque Nacional Los Glaciares. Jagged peaks form a striking backdrop, but the main draw here is the Glaciar Perito Moreno, perhaps the world’s most dynamic ice field.Some twenty miles long, the glacier moves downhill at a rate of up to six feet per day. The ice overhangs Lago Argentino, and the highlight of any visit is watching (from a boat or viewing platform) as a calving happens – that is, when a block of ice the size of a large house separates from the face of the glacier and falls into the lake with an almighty splash.Perito Moreno is not only one of the world’s most accessible glaciers, but also one of its most dramatic, and makes El Calafate a must-visit.

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