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Iceland is full of breathtaking geological phenomena, from geysers and waterfalls to majestic skies. Nowhere else in the world will you see this particular collection of bright colors and vast landscapes. Visit geothermal springs like the legendary Blue Lagoon and marvel at its vibrant blue waters — a result from a rare combination of silica, algae and other minerals in the water. See the surreal Icelandic midnight sun among volcanic surroundings and lava fields. Iceland is no doubt a photographer’s paradise.Visit the Iceland’s highlands where you can hike through a myriad of impressive sights and view jaw-dropping panoramas of untouched land. If you hike along Laugavegurinn, you’ll pass through Thorsmork which features mountains of nearly every color you can imagine. You’ll also encounter a variety of crystal clear brooks, hot springs and natural pools. Beautiful revines and wild rivers make this trail a must-see for any hiking enthusiast.One of the things that make Iceland such an intriguing destination are the volcanoes, which sculpted the country itself. The traces the volcanoes left behind continue to fascinate scientists. In Iceland, you’ll witness eerie lava fields, tube caves, and black sand beaches, courtesy of ancient lava flows. Visit the world heritage site, Surtsey, where scientists study the unique emergence of plant and animal life on the volcanic island. But, perhaps what Iceland is most recognized for is its legendary glaciers. In fact, glaciers cover about 11 percent of the country.From majestic ice formations to lava-formed geological wonders, sightseeing in the Land of Fire and Ice is truly a surreal experience. To learn more, check out our in-depth guide to visiting Iceland on our blog.

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